Waiving the Waiting Period

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The Waiting Period is a legal provision in your contract with the Insurer. A member must be continuously employed during the entire Waiting Period before benefits commence. As a hiring incentive an employer may wish to waive the Waiting Period, however the Insurance Company retains the right to approve or decline any of these requests. A request to waive the waiting period should be received by GroupHEALTH no later than 31 days after the member’s date of employment.

The Request to Waive the Waiting Period may be approved in the following cases:

  • Where a new member holds a senior position or is deemed to be a “key” staff member; or
  • Where it is a condition of employment, or
  • Where an existing member is newly eligible for benefits (i.e. due to moving from regular part-time hours to full-time hours), provided they have worked on a continuous and uninterrupted basis.

Need to submit a Waive the Waiting Period request?
Contact your Client Services Representative or Benefits Specialist indicating the member name and reason why you are requesting it. You will receive an email from GroupHEALTH confirming the approval or decline of the request.


Do not automatically offer immediate participation in the benefits plan as a condition of employment, due to the Insurer’s right to deny your request.

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