Late Enrollments and Late Applicants

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All members and eligible dependents must join the plan and start paying premiums from the date they are eligible. If the member or dependent is not enrolled within 31 days of becoming eligible, they may be deemed a late applicant. Evidence of Insurability may be required or retroactive premiums may be charged, depending on the insurer’s guidelines. Coverage will not become effective until approved by the insurers.

Evidence of Insurability consists initially of a health questionnaire. Depending on the circumstances, additional information may be requested by the insurers such as; a medical examination, blood tests or completion of specific forms providing detailed medical information. Coverage may be denied by the insurers, or it may be approved subject to certain restrictions.

The cost of any medical information is the member’s responsibility. If you have a late applicant, please check with your Client Services Representative or Benefits Specialist for the provisions that apply to your plan.


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