Making Member Changes In WEBS™

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As a Plan Administrator, you have access to GroupHEALTH’s WEBS™ Online system. WEBS™ is an easy-to-use online interface to administer your group benefits plan. WEBS™ incorporates all insurers in a single system, meaning plan members only have to enrol once (regardless of how many insurers underwrite the plan).


GroupHEALTH offers monthly WEBS™ Webinars that are available to all Plan Administrators. A WEBS™ Webinar Invitation is available on the main screen the Knowledge Base with registration links to next upcoming session.


An Invaluable Tool

The job of a Plan Administrator is a challenging one. Traditionally, Plan Administrators spend considerable time reconciling multiple bills and going back and forth with numerous insurers to process employee changes. WEBS™ online is different. Our goal is to make the job of a Plan Administrator easier.

With WEBS™, you can:

  • Enroll new members
  • Make changes to existing member records
  • View oneCards and print paper copies on demand
  • View and print optional benefit certificates
  • Receive notifications about important milestones for plan members
  • Communicate with GroupHEALTH through a notes feature attached to each member record
  • View electronic billing statements including retroactive adjustments
  • View current coverage
  • Download Benefits Handbook(s)
  • Access claim forms
  • View other insurer and industry bulletins
  • Exchange files in a secure environment

For detailed information on how to make these changes,  please refer to our WEBS™ Online Administration User Guide found on the main screen of WEBS™.

Changes are accepted via direct input in WEBS™ or by email, fax, or mail.  We do not need a copy of any enrollment cards or change forms for changes you enter in to WEBS™, we trust you have entered the information to the best of your knowledge and kept applicable originals on file.

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